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It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Perhaps you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

LaTonya Jackson is one of my clients that I have created a couple of websites for; she is a fantastic person, and she’s a go-getter when it comes to her business. She knows the best interest when it comes to her business and has to her clients.

Defining Your Strategy

It’s time to define your magic that will make your business successful.





My Design Essentials

Here are the steps we take to create your vision

Your website is possibly the most single most important piece of marketing literature you’ll create. It’s your window into your business, it’s your creditbility  and your sales funnel all rolled up into one.

Branding with Brilliance

Style Your Brand With Flair & Intention

Creating an excellent brand is about creating a business that will play to your strengths and will feed your unique passion. During our meeting, I want to know more about your business, and what do you think makes your business so unique.

I want to help you with creating a message that will resonate with your brand, where you don’t have to create dozens of campaigns to get your customer’s attention. It’s about creating a brand that will be too irresistible for them to stay away.



Brand Identity

How to Style your Brand?

Brand styling is about bringing out the uniqueness in your business with flair and intention. It’s about emphasizing your best asset and creating a unified and compelling look.

  • We will cover these things.
  • Your Brand
  • Mission Statement
  • Your purpose
  • Your brand positioning
  • Define your intention
  • Your brand personality
  • Your messaging
  • Your niche
  • Your logo


Branding Style Process
Creating a powerful Brand Identity?

A successful brand identity is more than just a logo and a couple of colors; it’s made up of a number of elements that will add depth, textures, and personality.

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Devices and Icons
  • Brand Patterns
  • Typefaces
  • Photography
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Color Palette



Style Guide
Web Design & Development

Building A Website That Will Convert

To have a website that converts, you need to create a solid foundation it’s about planning and focus first you need to ask yourself what do you want your website to do?

By having a clear idea of the information that you want on your website, how you would like it structured is essential if you’re to get the best out of your investment. We will sit down and work out a strategy on what you want on every page to provide your customers with the best information for your customers.



Website Design Strategy & Prep Guide

What steps well take to create website that converts?

To create a website that converts, we need to create an engaging design for your visitors and customers. During this prep time and strategy, we will build a strong foundation. We will structure a website in a way that will make sense to your clients to make it easy for them to do business with you.

The next step:

  • Your business goals
  • Website goals
  • User Experience
  • Content
  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
Custom  WordPress Website, SquareSpace
Ecommerce Websites: Woo Commerce , Shopify, Selz
Membership Websites: Kajabi, kartra, Memberpress
Mobile  Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization

It’s almost Confetti time!! As a web designer, this moment brings a smile to my face. I’m always so honored to help my clients build their dreams. Launching a website can be hectic but no rush, I always say baby steps baby steps.

This the time we will talk about creating newsletters, blogs, and posting on Social media and telling clients and friends and family that your website will be launching soon.


Launch Planning Meeting
Launch Strategy
Post Launch Check List
Launch Graphics

Signature Custom Design Service

My Signature Plan

Your website is the single most crucial piece of marketing you’ll create. Your website is the window into your business; it’s your sales funnel, your credibility all roll up into one. My job is to you help take your business to the next level, with my signature service that I created to help you build your brand, web design, and marketing.

Is this you?

  • Want to increase your revenue?
  • You would like to create an eCommerce site?
  • You want a membership site?
Web Design  Retainer
Available 3 month contract beginning at $400.

A monthly retainer package to take care of your software updates, maintenance tasks that will make things easier for you. For ongoing client support, there is large scale customization; this will help you to focus on other things. And you can leave me with the design of your site to me.

Could this be you?

  • You don’t have time to update your website?
  • You need to add new products on your website?
  • You’re have trouble setting up a new sales funnel?
  • You need some changes for your branding?



Web Planner

Are you still wondering where to start? What does it take to build or have a designer design a successful website for you? Download my free guide or check out my resource library to learn about my favorite tools.

Frequently asked questions
What if I just need a logo?

I believe that your logo will allow current and potential customers to recognize your business in an instant; your logo should unique and confident.

I tell my clients that a well-designed logo will enable you to stand out from the crowd and communicate confidence.

What if I just need a website?

If you’re confident with your current content and your visual brand identity for your online business. I will be happy to work on the existing website.

You already have your fonts and logo and the other elements on your website. It’s time for a fresh coat of paint to give ourselves a new look; I will look at your website before we start to see if your website algin with your business goals.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes !! I understand that this is a significant investment I will work with my clients on a payment plan.

My plans (typically 3 to 4 months) so my clients will not have to worry about holding off on

getting started. You will receive a email with a invoice attached from Dubsado for monthly payments.

How do I get started with this process?

The first step is to schedule a time for us to hammer out a strategy on getting started on the design of your website. I like to hear what your vision is for your business, which will give me a better perspective of what your idea is for your website design.

Then I will send you a statement of work and contract for you and sign digitally, and there will be an invoice attached to the contract. I will send you a Website Checklist Planner that will help you to outline the next steps we will need to make. There will be weekly assignments for you to finish to help us build your website.

I am huge in communication on what your thoughts are and that you know where I am in the design of your website. I will provide you with a Client portal from Dubsado and Asana, and that’s where I will communicate to you, and you will be able to send your content and images too.

Will my site be mobile responsive?

Oh Yes! It will make your site mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens, and increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site.

What other things do you design?

Yes, I am also a graphic designer, so if you require a new logo or to have your current logo redesign, I will be able to assist you there.
Design marketing material: business cards, social media templates, eBooks, workbooks, downloadable PDF, branding kit yes I can design…

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