Your business’s biggest marketing tool is your website; it’s the key to attracting your dream client or customer. Not only should it draw them in and let them know what you offer, but your website should convert visitors into customers and ultimately build long-term relationships.

If you aren’t seeing the amount of website traffic or sales that you thought you’d see when building your business, there’s a good chance that you aren’t attracting the right people.

It is essential to identify your dream client before designing a website because your marketing efforts will be wasted on people who are not part of your customer base and who won’t invest in your brand.

Defining your dream client can help you…
  • You can increase your sales and bookings by getting rid of people who aren’t a good fit
  • Saving you time and money wasted on marketing to the wrong audience
  • Strengthening your customer base by building strong relationships and leads.
  • Positioning you and your business as an expert or go-to person in a particular industry, and strengthening your business overall.
  • You are doing more of your business on social media instead of your website.
Once you know exactly who you are marketing your service or products to, your website design (and ultimately sales) will come naturally.
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Neglecting your biggest marketing tool?




May 20, 2022

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